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On this page you can watch Carnegie Learning’s Reshaping Education Webinars that have already occurred. If you wish to register for an upcoming session please visit the registration page.

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Bringing Your Vision to Life

Our team of Master Math Practitioners are dedicated to helping educators realize their dream classroom — one where teachers facilitate, students participate, and meaningful learning happens. Watch the video to see how we’re helping educators just like you work their magic.

July 2020

Addressing Unfinished Learning Effectively

Description: We’re bringing our experts together to talk through how to cover unfinished learning in math in the upcoming school year. It’s not just about re-teaching what students missed⁠—it’s about identifying strengths, misconceptions, and unfinished learning so you can create personalized learning paths that empower students to gain a deeper understanding of math. Are you ready to take a new, data-driven approach to math instruction?

Date: Tuesday, July 28th

Time: 2pm EST/11am PST

August 2020

Planning for the Unknown

Description: Regardless of where you are in navigating the uncertainty of the upcoming school year, there are three big areas of planning you won’t want to miss. We’ll dig into the importance of each big area, address possible, flexible solutions for each, and gain practical insight from a School District of Philadelphia Principal in the midst of his own planning.

Date: Tuesday, August 11th

Time: 2pm EST/ 11am PST


Break Through Implicit Bias with a Conversation in Partnership with NCTM

Description: Let's talk. We can break through the walls of implicit bias through conversation. The time is now to engage with fellow educators and understand the impact of implicit bias in our daily work. Embracing the fact that we all have them and are not "bad" people for them is the starting point of a movement in powerfully changing classroom practice.

Date: Tuesday, August 25th

Time: 2pm EST/ 11am PST

September 2020

Effective Learning in the Age of Uncertainty

Date: Tuesday, September 15th

Time: 2pm EST/ 11am PST

Description: Did you know that it’s possible to structure our learning environments in such a way as to actually guard against forgetting? Join us to learn more from Carnegie Learning’s own Cognitive Scientist, Dr. Bob Hausmann, about how we learn, the process of building long-term memory, and practical retrieval practices that can be implemented right now to make learning stick. We'll share strategies that work in brick-and-mortar classrooms, virtual classroom spaces, or a hybrid of both.

October 2020

Impactful Social Emotional Learning is a Journey

Date: Tuesday, October13th

Time: 2pm EST/ 11am PST

Description: Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is an ongoing process—there is always more we can do and more that our students will need from us. Join Carnegie Learning’s Jennifer Kilmore, Director of Language and Literacy Specialists, to learn how to make SEL a continuous part of your teaching practice..

December 2020

The Teacher’s Experience: A 2020 Reflective Conversation

Date: Tuesday, December 1st

Time: 6pm EST/ 3pm PST

Description: Join us for a reflective conversation with two teachers - Emilio Gomez and Amy Hall - as they prepare to close out 2020 and the first half of this unprecedented school year. This webinar is the perfect opportunity to pause and reflect on your first semester glows and identify areas for growth for the upcoming semester. Cassie Martin-Reynolds, Carnegie Learning’s Director of Professional Learning, South US, and Lemario Bland, Manager of School Partnerships, will facilitate Emilio and Amy’s reflections and then leave space for your own reflections as well.

January 2021

Tips for Reengaging Students in Your Virtual Classroom

Date: Tuesday, January 19th

Time: 4pm EST/ 1pm PST

Description: The challenges of getting students to participate have intensified during remote learning. With a new semester of learning upon us, this is the perfect time to look for fresh ways to bring your classroom together. Let’s discuss learning strategies you can implement to encourage more discussions and participation in your virtual classrooms.

February 2021

Shifting the Mindset Around Testing

Date: Tuesday, February 23rd

Time: 4pm EST/1pm PST

Description: At Carnegie Learning, we believe that learning is more than just memorizing or even performing well on tests - it involves deep conceptual understanding that supports ongoing growth and continued development. Join us to explore why it's necessary to shift our mindsets around testing, reflect on where you are in this journey, and discuss concrete strategies that can help you drive this important shift in your district, school, or classroom.

March 2021

Effectively Addressing COVID Equity Challenges

Date: Thursday, March 4th

Time: 4pm EST/1pm PST

Description: Many districts have implemented creative, successful solutions to address the massive equity challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has amplified in our math education system.Join our conversation with Dr. Michelle Dyson, Prince George’s County Public Schools Mathematics Instructional Supervisor, to learn about these solutions and identify key considerations for how you might leverage them in your school or district.

December 2020

Learn how you can bring better math learning to your school today...

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The right way to transform math.

The right instructional approach

The right instructional approach

Our solutions combine cognitive and learning science with practical instruction to develop conceptual math understanding as well as deeper learning skills.

The right research

The right research

Founded by researchers from Carnegie Mellon University, we use ongoing research (both internally and as leaders in the wider research community) to adapt and continually improve our solutions and services.

The right blend of learning

The right blend of learning

Our comprehensive offering provides all the resources and flexibility teachers want, as well as the balance students need.

The right support

The right support

Carnegie Learning is committed to helping bring it all together in your classroom, and that commitment shows in the unrivaled level of support our team provides to each of our partners.

Research not only informs our approach, it validates it.

In an independent "Gold Standard" study funded by the U.S. Department of Education and conducted by the RAND Corporation, the Carnegie Learning blended approach nearly doubled growth in performance on standardized tests relative to typical students in the second year of implementation. Our blended Math Solution meets ESSA Tier 1 “Strong” evidence standards.

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