The Arc of Mathematics:

Making Connections from Elementary to High School

What you’ve heard is true: math is a subject that builds and the skills our students learn in elementary school are essential for high school success and beyond.


Join us to explore the interconnectedness of mathematics and think through a thread of concepts from kindergarten through Algebra 2. We discuss the progression from early numeracy to function transformations and see how a connected curriculum exposes students to these concepts through games and engaging collaborative activities.

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Webinar Details

In this webinar, you will: 


Explore math concepts to see how foundational skills learned in kindergarten connect all the way through Algebra 2.


See how students can engage with these connected math concepts through games and engaging collaborative activities.


Learn about the importance of a math solution that connects learning experiences from kindergarten through Algebra 2.


What Viewers Thought

"An intriguing and inspiring presentation that encourages math educators to always make connections and to build on students' knowledge."
Live Webinar Participant
"Who knew the simple number line was so important from kindergarten to high school! Great engaging presentation."
Live Webinar Participant
"I love the visual aspect, as well as the tactile modality incorporated into the lesson by actually showing kids how to move on the number line. I work with so many students on the high school level who still do not understand this. What a great way to show them that they can learn math, which so many do not think they can."
Live Webinar Participant

Meet the presenters



Amy Jones Lewis

Amy Jones Lewis believes that all students are capable of learning math at a deep conceptual level and is committed to empowering teachers to provide high-quality mathematics instruction. She began her career teaching high school mathematics in Malawi, Africa, and Baltimore City, MD.


Director of Product Education Services

Tarin Barrow

Tarin Barrow is a dedicated educator with over 15 years of experience in education. Prior to joining Carnegie Learning, Tarin taught high school mathematics for 10 years and went on to serve as the Secondary Mathematics Coordinator for a school district in El Paso, Texas.



Katie Ruff

Katie Ruff, a former high school mathematics teacher, has supported educators across the country since she joined Carnegie Learning in 2016. Because of her teaching experience, she is very passionate about math education and student success at all levels.