Oral Reading Fluency for All:

Using Digital Tools to Build Accuracy and Prosody

We know that students must develop oral reading fluency—the trifecta of accuracy, pace, and expression—in order to comprehend and build knowledge from the texts they read. This webinar explores why oral reading fluency matters, where it fits into foundational reading instruction, and how we can use digital tools to conduct the repeated reads and modeling that help students develop into fluent readers.

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In this webinar, you will learn: 


Instructional methods for teaching prosody to illuminate the meaning of written texts.


Strategies to help students reflect on the connection between their accuracy, prosody, and comprehension.


How to use digital fluency tools to provide response-specific feedback and model appropriate expression and pacing. 

Meet the Presenters


Director of Literacy Impact, Carnegie Learning

Megan Jensen

Megan Jensen is a former reading specialist with experience developing K-12 writing instruction and blended professional development for schools and districts across the United States, as well as literacy and library programming abroad. Her work is driven by her belief that every student can learn and that there is transformative power in supporting students in reading and writing about their worlds. She holds a B.A. in English from UCLA and an M.A. in international and comparative education from Teachers College, Columbia University.


Director of Professional Learning Design, Literacy, Carnegie Learning

Heather Sampselle

Heather Sampselle taught at the elementary level in Florida and Maryland and brings a variety of experiences to the table, which includes developing and leading professional learning sessions with teachers, leaders, and coaches at the district, state, and national levels. Her background in literacy classrooms and curriculum design helps Heather construct strategic and relevant professional learning experiences for educators around the country. Heather holds a B.A. in elementary education from the University of South Florida and an M.A. in teaching and learning administration. She resides in Frederick, MD, with her husband and her golden retriever, Charlie, and enjoys cycling, trail running, and spending time with friends and family.