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Intelligent Math Tutoring Software

MATHia mirrors a human math coach by delivering students real-time feedback and support. It also gives teachers the actionable data they need to step in at the right time. MATHia helps students understand what they know and why they know it.

MATHia is fully TEKS-aligned and provides full TEKS-coverage for:

  • Grade 6
  • Grade 7
  • Grade 8
  • Accelerated Grade 6
  • Accelerated Grade 7
  • Algebra I
  • Geometry
  • Algebra II

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Customized AI-Powered Tutoring

Give each student their own personal math coach powered by innovative artificial intelligence. MATHia adjusts to every action students take to meet them where they are, give them the skills practice they need, and help them progress towards proficiency.



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One-on-One Coaching

Students are highly engaged with MATHia’s personalized just-in-time feedback and contextual hints. MATHia adapts to students’ specific needs at a detailed, skill-by-skill level.


Student Reports

Students see their progress on multiple skills with MATHia’s dashboard. And as they become more proficient, their confidence grows!


Educator Reports

Effectively guide student learning with MATHia’s real-time data. You’ll receive day-to-day views of student progress, while predictive reporting forecasts accurately how far students will progress by the end of the year. The Leadership Report gives administrators the district-wide view they need. The Standards Report provides summary-level data for progress and performance on the TEKS assigned in the assigned content.



Effectively manage your students in MATHia with LiveLab, our live facilitation tool that provides real-time data, such as when students are working or idle. Alerts notify you when students need extra support and also let students know when they’ve reached milestones. With support like this, it’s no wonder that LiveLab was named "Best Use of Artificial Intelligence in Education" in the 2019 EdTech Breakthrough Awards.

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Success Stories

“We truly love MATHia. It gives me a good opportunity to meet with kids 1:1 or in groups if they’re struggling with a certain topic. It’s also great for helping students master concepts—going at their own pace really helps.”
Aurora Ovalle, Math Teacher
Jubilee Academies-Kingsville, TX

"MATHia is going to be tremendous for us next year as we deal with the changes to the STAAR because you have to interact with the program by actually graphing and using dropdown menus and number lines. MATHia incorporates those skills that we just can’t practice on paper. Since the STAAR is online now, our students will go into it knowing what to expect."
Laurie Taylor, Math Teacher
Muleshoe Independent School District, TX

"MATHia has great student data. I love being able to see in real-time who is struggling, who is sitting there idly, and who is rocking along. It’s completely changed my feedback game. I can be much more specific now about the help I’m providing."
Amanda Rodriguez, Math Teacher
Levelland Independent School District, TX

"I have zero doubt that students who are high achieving in MATHia will also be high achievers on the STAAR. I tell kids all the time that MATHia is twice as hard as the STAAR will be. If you truly trust it and don’t just guess, it will give you the confidence you need to fly through the STAAR."
Joshua Moseley, Math Teacher
International Leadership School of Texas, Grand Prairie, TX

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