Meet the Texas Math Solution

TEA-Approved High-Quality Instructional Materials for Grades 6-12

The Texas Math Solution is a fully customized, TEKS-aligned 6-12 mathematics curriculum. The textbook, digital interactive instructional materials, and MATHia® work in parallel to engage students with the learning experience they need to truly understand mathematics while delivering powerful, real-time insights for teachers and administrators. 

Customized to Meet Your Needs

Each school year brings new challenges that require flexible instructional models. We're here to help. We've designed a solution to make sure high-quality math instruction is always at your fingertips.


High-Quality Content Aligned to Texas Standards

Our TEKS-aligned textbook, digital interactive instructional materials, and MATHia software work in parallel to engage middle school and high school students with everything they need to truly understand mathematics, while delivering powerful, real-time insights for teachers and administrators.


MATHia's Intelligent Learning Engine

Our adaptive, one-on-one tutoring software extends the teacher's reach by personalizing the learning and keeping students engaged with just-in-time feedback and contextual hints. Questions closely mirror the STAAR redesign so students have practical and consistent experience before the test.


Real-Time Data and Actionable Insights

MATHia assesses students as they learn, so teachers get real-time data and actionable insights on what to do next, even when students are learning remotely. At a glance, teachers can see students' activity and productivity levels, as well as what skills they've mastered or are struggling with. This insight helps teachers focus on who needs help the most, right in the moment.


Ongoing Support for Teachers, Students, and Families

Teachers receive training through on-demand and live online workshops, access to the Teacher Implementation Guide's planning and instructional supports, and real-time student data through MATHia. Students and families get immediate homework help through the LiveHint app and instructional videos for every lesson.


Predictive Analytics Assessment-Quality Data Real-Time Insights

Predictive Analytics

MATHia is the only program that provides clear, deep insight into where students are going, not just where they currently are. The Adaptive Personalized Learning Score (APLSE) Report leverages predictive analytics to give educators a clear projection of where students will be, well in advance of summative assessment results and before it’s too late to intervene with the help they need.


Assessment-Quality Data With MATHia Reports

Additional MATHia reports, including Skills Reports, Session Reports, and Standards Reports, show how students are mastering TEKS standards and highlight their progress in the software by tracking things like rate of module completion, time spent, average errors per problem, and more.


Real-Time Insights With LiveLab

LiveLab is the perfect tool for knowing exactly what your students are working on in real-time so you can guide them and intervene accordingly. Dynamic indicators show which students are working or idle at all times, while alerts let you know which students may need additional support. You can also get live notifications to assist students who are having trouble mastering specific skills, completing certain activities, or to recognize students for hitting content progression milestones.


Success Stories

100% STAAR Pass Rate in Aldine ISD Algebra 1 Pilot Program

"We want our students to see that math is accessible to everyone. Any student, no matter their skill level, should be able to access the learning experiences. The Texas Math Solution lets us do that."
Dr. Divina Browne, Program Director of High School Mathematics
Aldine Indepent School District, Texas

Middle School Students in Levelland, Texas, Close Gaps With the Texas Math Solution

"The Texas Math Solution helped transform my students into learners. And that’s why I got into education: to create learners. And to have a resource that helps me do that is incredible."
Mallory Reeves, 7th Grade Math Teacher
Levelland Middle School, Texas

Muleshoe ISD Sees 333% STAAR Improvement with Texas Math Solution

"I think it signals a turning point in education. It’s the type of program that could push students from being okay at math to really being successful."
Larry Cribbs, Mathematics Teacher
Muleshoe Independent School District, Texas