A Guide to Retrieval Practice for K-12 Math Educators

3 Exercises and How to Use Them

Give your students the gift of long-lasting math knowledge with our guide to retrieval practice exercises. Backed by the science of learning, retrieval practice helps students remember and apply what they learn. Learn what retrieval practice is, why it’s effective, and how to use it in math classes across grades K-12. 

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What's inside?


What is retrieval practice?

  • Three stages of retrieval practice
  • Four key characteristics

How can you use these retrieval practice exercises across grade bands?

  • Daily cumulative review
  • Then-now-later grid
  • Exit ticket

About the author


Dr. David Costello

Dr. David Costello is a principal and has taught various grade levels before assuming roles of numeracy interventionist, numeracy coach, numeracy leader, and curriculum consultant for Prince Edward Island, Canada. He has published three books: Mathematizing Student Thinking: Connecting Problem Solving to Everyday Life and Building Capable and Confident Math Learners (2022), Making Math Stick: Classroom Strategies That Support the Long-Term Retention of Math Concepts (2021), and Using What Works: Strategies for Developing a Literacy-Rich Environment in Math (2019). Dr. Costello also facilitates professional learning across Canada in the areas of mathematics and school development.


Learn about bringing him to your district at www.costellomath.com.