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Creating Professional Learning That Sticks

Do you know the secret to effective professional learning? In this webinar from our Science of Learning series, Regional Vice President of Professional Learning and passionate educator Cassie Martin Reynolds shares what the research tells us about effective professional learning. And more importantly, she shares how administrators can apply that knowledge when creating professional learning opportunities for their staff and how teachers can make professional learning stick in their own classrooms.

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Webinar Details

During this webinar, you will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the research behind effective professional learning.
  • Learn strategies that administrators and teachers can use to make professional learning more valuable, useful, and actionable.
  • Interact with the presenter in an engaging Q&A format and learn from colleagues who share similar goals and challenges.


Meet the Presenter

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Cassie Martin-Reynolds
Regional Vice President of Professional Learning, Carnegie Learning

Cassie has been designing and facilitating impactful professional learning experiences at Carnegie Learning since 2007. She has partnered with districts like Dallas ISD; Frisco ISD; Santa Fe, NM; and Richmond County, GA. She has also facilitated student-centered mathematics classrooms as a high school math teacher, department head, and math coach. As our Regional Vice President of Professional Learning, she serves as a thought partner, coach, and mentor for districts across the country as they implement Carnegie Learning resources and Professional Learning services.


Science of Learning: The Webinar Series

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