Not a techie? Not a problem. Proto is coming in August 2018.

Get to Know Proto.

Proto, powered by Carnegie Learning, is more than a tool to practice coding. Proto combines a standards-aligned K-12 curriculum with a cloud-based learning platform to teach students about coding, applied engineering, and game design.

After all, before they can start building that killer prototype that will change the world, they have to learn. Through Proto, students will learn how to ideate, test, revise, re-test, and launch projects that are all theirs, from end to end.


Proto is designed for every teacher (not just the techies).

What is Proto?

  • Standards-aligned K-12 curriculum
  • Simple, beautiful cloud-based learning platform
  • Designed to turn curious students into digital problem-solvers

Proto fits in where you need it.

  • Includes courses and pathways for ultimate flexibility
  • Use as stand-alone curriculum for computer science class
  • Or add as a Project-Based Learning experience in other core classes

Proven to teach, not just entertain.

  • 55 independent reports
  • Increases academic performance
  • Improves learning habits and behaviors
  • Helps underserved students

Mika™ Courseware

Higher Ed

Write-in consumable textbooks and intelligent 1-to-1 tutoring software combine to provide the most effective blend for teachers and the instructional balance that students need.

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The right way to transform math.

The right instructional approach

The right instructional approach

Our solutions combine cognitive and learning science with practical instruction to develop conceptual math understanding as well as deeper learning skills.

The right research

The right research

Founded by researchers from Carnegie Mellon University, we use ongoing research (both internally and as leaders in the wider research community) to adapt and continually improve our solutions and services.

The right blend of learning

The right blend of learning

Our comprehensive offering provides all the resources and flexibility teachers want, as well as the balance students need.

The right support

The right support

Carnegie Learning is committed to helping bring it all together in your classroom, and that commitment shows in the unrivaled level of support our team provides to each of our partners.

Research not only informs our approach, it validates it.

In an independent "Gold Standard" study funded by the U.S. Department of Education and conducted by the RAND Corporation, the Carnegie Learning blended approach nearly doubled growth in performance on standardized tests relative to typical students in the second year of implementation.

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