Professional Learning Academies

Let’s build your dream classroom together.

With Professional Learning Academies, you'll experience grade-appropriate math and literacy content through the eyes of your students. You'll also keep up with the latest and greatest in content development, pedagogical tools, and strategies. As you up your teaching game, you'll accelerate your students' learning, too!

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Elevate Your Classroom

We’re here to talk through your goals and challenges and to help you create a plan that will translate into results.

Participants will walk away with:


Grade-Appropriate and Stretch Content

Teachers build their expertise in grade-appropriate content, as well as make connections to future concepts, to set their students up for success.


Heightened Awareness of Teaching Practices

Academies facilitate teachers’ meta-cognitive reflection on their own teaching practice and provide access points to modify their instructional practices..


Increased Confidence in Delivering Grade-Level Content

Equipped with both strengthened content knowledge and elevated teaching practices, teachers will return to their classrooms ready to energize and inspire their students.

Learning by Doing®

We know from research on the science of learning that students learn best by doing–and so do teachers! That’s why our workshops are intentionally designed to fully immerse participants in the learner’s experience.

See how our math and literacy academies work to support you.


Professional Learning That’s Right for You

A Learning-Centered Environment Instructional Strategies Aha! Moments Learn more

Problem-Solving in a Learning-Centered Environment

Academies are structured for educators to experience learning as students would, actively engaging in discourse, hands-on tasks, and critical thinking.


Exposure to a Wide Variety of Instructional Strategies

Participants will be engaged in a wide variety of instructional strategies, getting the opportunity to connect them to their own classroom practice.


Memorable Aha! Moments

By periodically asking participants to put their teacher hats back on, they will analyze and reflect on the learner experience, leading to realizations and lessons that stick.

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“This workshop has really changed the way I view my teaching practices. Every day was loaded with great stuff and executed in a very engaging way.”
Math Educator
Montgomery Co, PA
“As a newer teacher I found this incredibly helpful. I was able to review content and learn teaching strategies to better prepare for the year. It helped frame the correct mindset for teaching this year and I learned the importance of teaching 'why' we do certain things in mathematics.”
Jacob Sacre, Mathematics Teacher
Cabell County School District, WV