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Unlock the power of Patterns™, our virtual professional learning solution. Create a force of educators who clearly understand mathematical patterns and how to bring them to life for their students with our flexible, scalable, evidence-based professional learning program.

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What is Patterns? 

Patterns is a gateway to virtual professional learning designed to enhance teachers' content knowledge, boost their confidence in mathematics, and elevate their teaching practices.


More than just online courses, Patterns is an invitation to a fellowship of committed educators and a movement toward excellence in math education.

With a Patterns license, teachers have access to:


Engaging, challenging synchronous and asynchronous coursework.


1:1 coaching sessions with an experienced math coach.


A community of math educators for peer support and learning.


On-demand, just-in-time strategy videos for efficient planning and instruction.


Turnkey resources for immediate classroom use.

Math teacher instructing student

To ensure district-wide support, leaders receive foundational and ongoing professional learning opportunities that build their capacity to set high expectations for quality math instruction. Our team is your team as we work together to create a vision and a solid Patterns implementation plan.


No-Cost Pilot Experience

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Now is your chance! You're invited to the Patterns pilot experience, where your teachers will engage with challenging synchronous and asynchronous coursework, attend supportive coaching sessions, and connect with a welcoming community of math educators.


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Why do districts love Patterns?

Let us do the heavy lifting to keep your district up to date on best practices and alignment for high-quality math instruction.

A shared foundation

Your math educators have a wide range of experiences. Patterns unites everyone by establishing a system-wide mathematical foundation centered on research and evidence-based best practices.

Unmatched content knowledge

Our team of experts is here to help you  keep up with the latest trends in mathematical practice. Patterns will enhance even the most veteran teacher's skill set and boost student achievement.

Alignment made easy

Patterns makes communicating instructional objectives a breeze by building district-wide alignment across building leaders, coaches, and teachers so students get the best classroom experience.

Why do teachers love Patterns?

Professional learning doesn't have to be complicated, but it should be adaptable, applicable, and foster community.

Flexibility for a perfect fit

With Patterns, math teachers enjoy a mix of live and asynchronous learning for unmatched flexibility. Patterns PD fits regardless of a teacher's content level, location, or schedule.

Real strategies for real classrooms

Patterns engages teachers with pragmatic strategies for practical use. Our highly experiential program models best practices teachers can implement immediately.

Power of peers

Patterns helps foster community among participants during live sessions and asynchronous interactions. Teachers are welcomed into a fellowship of like-minded math educators, ready to offer mentorship and peer support.

How is Patterns delivered?

Patterns blends self- and group-paced activities—always with opportunities for learning with peers—over the course of a semester with:

  • Synchronous coursework, where an expert guides participants through mathematical tasks, thinking, application, and reflection.
  • Asynchronous coursework, where participants study professional reading selections, review student work, apply learning, and develop learner stories on their own schedule
  • On-demand, one-on-one coaching sessions available by appointment every three weeks throughout the course.

Patterns participants can expect to:

  • Engage as active virtual learners via discussion boards and coaching sessions.
  • Solve hands-on, cognitively demanding mathematical tasks.
  • Participate in rich mathematical discourse with a community of math educators who empower one another, exchange expertise, and give actionable feedback.
  • Make connections across grade-level standards within their mathematical focus area.
  • Reflect on their own understanding of mathematics and classroom practice.
  • Use a variety of virtual instructional strategies. 
  • Receive optional continuing education units or graduate credit.
Teacher in virtual PD session