New Mountain Learning Merges with Carnegie Learning

Hello, educators! We are excited to announce that New Mountain Learning has merged with Carnegie Learning to form a new company called Carnegie Learning, Inc. Together, we seek to re-define the role of technology across the K-16 landscape by combining unparalleled digital learning technology with world-class content and professional learning services.

Carnegie Learning

Carnegie Learning is a transformational math education company. To support both group and individual learning, we provide consumable textbooks and intelligent software for grades 6-12, along with professional learning services for teachers across the K-12 spectrum.

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EMC School

EMC is a leading provider of World Language learning solutions for the K-12 market. EMC is renowned for leveraging technology to open a whole new world of opportunities for language learners and educators. By using today’s most engaging digital resources to enhance the instructional content, EMC empowers students to build language skills through real-life communication, simulated cultural immersion experiences, performance-based tasks, and project-based learning.

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Paradigm Education Solutions

Paradigm is one of the nation’s leading providers of computer technology, health careers, and business technology courseware in higher education. Paradigm provides educators with learning technology solutions that help students master content and strengthen skills so they are thoroughly prepared to enter today’s workforce and succeed as professionals.

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JIST Career Solutions

JIST is a pioneer in providing instructional materials and technology that help hard-to-employ populations build essential skills for exploring potential occupations, navigating the job market effectively, and succeeding on the job. JIST’s solutions help individuals become proactive, prepare for their futures, and master techniques to achieve their employment goals as quickly as possible.

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