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A world language community for teachers like you.

At Carnegie Learning, we believe in the power of community. That's why we created Language Is Limitless®, a growing community where you can connect with passionate world language educators like yourself. Tap into this national network of fellow language lovers to share support, ideas, and resources for developing the next generation of global citizens.


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Community Values


  • that learning a language is critical to a student's future success in an increasingly interconnected global society.
  • that learning a language brings significant benefits to students, including faster cognitive development, better test scores, and increased empathy.
  • in expanding our students' worldviews and shedding light on the products, practices, and perspectives of other cultures and our own.
  • that effective language learning is about communication and interculturality, not just learning vocabulary and grammar.
  • in ACTFL as a guiding force in the teaching and learning of languages.
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As part of the Language Is Limitless Community, you’ll get:

• AN EMAIL NEWSLETTER with classroom tips and resources

• A PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP to connect and share strategies with your peers



“The limits of my language are the limits of my world.”


Ludwig Wittgenstein

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