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Culture, unbounded. 

Bring language to life for your students by creating immersive experiences for them in the target language and cultures with multimodal stories, music, and more! Available in Spanish, French, and German.


The Most Continuously Updated Content

iCulture is the most continuously updated library of culturally immersive videos, articles, and songs. With your free 60-day trial, you'll also get downloadable resources like activities and lesson plans across all content types.

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An extensive collection of leveled news articles that are updated weekly, all in the target language. Includes read-aloud and comprehension activities.



Thematic, day-in-the-life videos. Open-ended and thought-provoking activities that will engage your students.



Contemporary and classic song selections. Pre-vetted music with activities and lyrics, available at your fingertips.


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Virtual field trip videos that explore major cities and countries of the world. Comprehension and research activities included.

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With 6 timely, globally relevant news articles added every week!


With a new thematic day-in-the-life video released every month!


With a new contemporary or classic song selection added every month!


With a new immersive journey video released every month!

Digital eReaders

Leveled readers for every student

Enhance target language input with leveled readers. Expose students to eReaders in Spanish, French, and German to develop their skills and build proficiency.

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Expansive Variety of Selections

Choose from literary works, classic stories, informative texts, and new adventures.

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Skill-Building Support

Reinforce learning with accompanying audio, vocabulary support, interactive activities, and printable lessons.

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Multi-Leveled Reading

Our collection of readers ranges from middle to high school, novice to advanced.

Inspire Every Student to Love Languages

Bring culture to life with iCulture. You will receive free 60-day instructor access to one of three languages available: Spanish, French, or German. You will get access to customizable activity templates, printables, and more.

Explore what your students can achieve!

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