Let’s Diagnose & Accelerate Learning Together

We're here for you with evidence-based, high-quality instructional resources and professional learning.


You and your students deserve the best possible support as you address unfinished learning. That’s where we come in.

Our K-12 math and reading solutions work with any class instruction to help you identify where students are and give them the personalized learning experiences they need to succeed. Our asset-based approach focuses on student strengths, building their mastery and confidence for grade-level content and beyond.

Let's Build Your Plan

Stimulus Funding Overview

Signed into law on March 11, 2021, the American Rescue Plan Act provides funding to address unfinished learning. However you’re planning to allocate your funding, know that we address unfinished learning by identifying the academic needs of students, differentiating instruction with evidence-based practices, and monitoring student progress to identify those who need more help.


Built on Research, Always

Research drives our innovative learning solutions, and our research team collaborates with the top minds in the world to continuously improve learning experiences for students everywhere. As a result, our solutions are well-aligned with the Council of the Great City Schools’ six principles for supporting students with unfinished learning. We identify gaps in learning through instruction for each and every student, deliver just-in-time content and support, and focus on the depth of instruction.

Here’s How We Partner With You

This funding presents a great opportunity to address some of the challenges in getting students caught up to grade level, but you don’t have to do it alone.

Address Unfinished Learning

Our solutions provide a comprehensive view of student growth and performance over time using a variety of powerful assessment tools. We help you identify the academic needs of your students and continuously assess their knowledge while they’re learning, so instructional time is never wasted.

Accelerate Learning

Our high-quality, evidence-based solutions are designed to support learning acceleration. Whether your district is addressing this through tutoring, summer school, after school or extended days, our K-12 math and reading software, MATHia® and Fast ForWord® , target the exact skills students need to succeed with grade level content this fall.

Focus on Your Priorities

When you partner with us, your goals are our goals, and we'll do everything possible to help you achieve them. That includes data-driven differentiated instruction, evidence-based practices, targeted professional development, and continuous support to meet your specific needs.

Grant Funding Support

We know this step can be overwhelming. Our dedicated proposals team is available to help with your grant application needs.

How Our Tools, Tech, and Team Work for You


MATHia® (grades 6-12) mirrors a human tutor with more complexity and precision than any other math software and gives teachers deep, ongoing insight into student learning in real time. MATHia uses sophisticated AI technology to adapt at a very detailed, skill-by-skill level, giving students personalized just-in-time feedback and contextual hints while assessing their knowledge every step of the way.

Fast ForWord®

Fast ForWord® harnesses the science of reading to accelerate learning and reading growth for all K-12 students, whether they are below, at, or above grade level. By applying an adaptive 3-in-1 approach that simultaneously develops literacy, cognitive, and SEL skills, Fast ForWord helps all students achieve their full learning potential.

Blended Math Learning

Our middle and high school math solutions combine the power of MATHbook and MATHia to deliver high-quality, personalized learning experiences where students collaborate, solve problems, think critically, and become agents of their own mathematical learning. Our unique combination of cognitive and learning science, practical instruction, and research helps students understand what they’re learning in a deeper, more conceptual way.

School Improvement

Whether you are at the beginning or end of developing your school improvement plan, we're ready to support you. Our team of former district administrators, school leaders, and teachers provide consultation, rubrics on needs assessment, and frameworks for impactful instruction.

Professional Learning

We live to help educators realize their dream classroom. Our team of expert practitioners stays connected, delivering strategies and providing support however it’s needed—from modeling to coaching to encouraging.


“Seeing the effort students are putting into the program and how much they’re improving just warms our hearts. It’s also helping our teachers because students are now ready for their instruction. We’re very pleased with the results.” Tara Hamlet
Teacher, Alabama