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Give Your Students the Power of MATHia This Year

MATHia is an adaptive 1-on-1 math learning platform for grades 6–12 that mirrors a human coach with more complexity and precision than any other math software. Its AI-driven personalization and coaching support ensure that every student gets the targeted path they need to be ready for end-of-course assessments. Plus, MATHia’s detailed reporting and predictive analytics empower you to keep every student on track, all year long.

The MATHia Pilot includes:

  • 4-6 week pilot
  • Access for up to 4 teachers
  • Unlimited student licenses
  • Ready, Set, Teach Implementation Webinar with a Master Math Practitioner
  • Data analytics review and pilot performance review

MATHia®: Smarter software that actually teaches math.

MATHia for Middle School

Designed to engage middle schoolers, but engineered to ensure the learning engine drives the instruction. MATHia analyzes every keystroke and action a student takes and delivers just-in-time skills feedback to provide a smarter, adaptive learning experience for each student.

Modules span Grades 6–8, including Algebra.

MATHia for High School

A clean, modern interface designed to be intuitive and simple. Dynamic model-tracing technology adapts the learning experience based on a student’s correct and incorrect answers, while also adapting on the specific skills and strategies that he or she uses to solve problems.

Covers Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and Integrated Math I, II, and III.

MATHia® Software

Grades 6-12

Smarter software that constantly learns and adjusts to deliver a personalized learning path, showing students not just what they got wrong, but why.

Mika™ Courseware

Higher Ed

Write-in consumable textbooks and intelligent 1-to-1 tutoring software combine to provide the most effective blend for teachers and the instructional balance that students need.

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MATHia’s Get Ahead Package includes:

  • MATHia licenses for all your students
  • Implementation support to get you set up
  • Online professional development to keep you moving
  • Action-oriented data and performance review meeting (for up to 25 participants)
Pilot period: November 1, 2017 – February 28, 2018.
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The World’s Best Math Learning Platform.

The right instructional approach

Mirrors a human tutor better than any other math learning software.

The right research

Personalized experience designed to help students persevere to solve problems.


Empowers students to take ownership of their learning by providing ongoing insight and feedback through The Progress Bar.

The right support

The right support

Carnegie Learning is committed to helping bring it all together in your classroom, and that commitment shows in the unrivaled level of support our team provides to each of our partners.

Research not only informs our approach, it validates it.

In an independent "Gold Standard" study funded by the U.S. Department of Education and conducted by the RAND Corporation, the Carnegie Learning blended approach nearly doubled growth in performance on standardized tests relative to typical students in the second year of implementation.

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