4 Research-Proven Ways to Motivate Your Students

Research shows that as students enter middle school, many start to lose interest in academic success due to alienation and a feeling that the school environment is out of their control and unresponsive to their interests. Understanding these factors and how they impact students is critical to helping them succeed.

Download our guide to learn 4 key areas math teachers can focus on to support and motivate their students.

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What's Inside?


Theory of Intelligence
Students who believe that intelligence can increase with effort perform better academically.


Learning Orientation
Some students strive to excel while others focus on avoiding failure. These orientations strongly affect outcomes.


Stereotype Threat
Expectations about performance that reflect stereotypes can lead to anxiety, reduced mental capacity, and diminished performance.


Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Motivation
Students who are intrinsically motivated to learn tend to work harder and achieve at higher levels in the long term.