Future Perfect

Teaching 21st Century Skills in Your Spanish Classroom

As world language educators, we prepare our students to thrive in the world with 21st-century skills. In this interactive webinar, you will gain an understanding of how collaboration, as well as global and cultural awareness, can be fostered in a Spanish-speaking classroom.

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Webinar Details

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why 21st-century skills are essential in your Spanish language classroom.
  • How to define and identify authentic content, especially for native and heritage speakers of Spanish.
  • Actionable strategies to apply to your teaching, based on examples of classroom activities.


Meet the Hosts


Paula Hidalgo

Chief Languages Officer, Carnegie Learning

Paula has more than 20 years of executive experience launching innovative products and apps for education companies, ranging from startups to global leaders. Previously, Paula was the VP of Product for Age of Learning where she envisioned, launched, and managed the Assessment Center, a companion to the company’s flagship product ABCmouse. She has also owned her own consulting firm, delivering strategy, product, and content services to companies like National Geographic, Disney, Cambridge University Press, and Pearson. Paula has also held several executive positions at Pearson, GameDesk, and Math Solutions. Paula holds a Ph.D. from UCLA, as well as a Master’s in Education and a Master’s in Psychology. Paula is passionate about languages: she has taught and is fluent in five languages.


Andrew Bowen

Director of Instructional Design, World Languages, Carnegie Learning

 As a former world languages educator and lifelong language learner, Andrew has devoted his professional (and at times, personal!) life to ensuring that all students have access to effective language learning resources. Andrew is very passionate about empowering students to put these important skills to practical use and have tangible evidence of their multilingual accomplishments. As part of his graduate studies with Middlebury College, he lived in Spain and Latin America, and he currently resides in the D.C. Metro Area. Andrew holds a BA in Psychology and Spanish from James Madison University and an MA in Hispanic Linguistics, Literature, and Culture from Middlebury College.

Evelyn Galindo 

Senior Editorial Manager, Spanish, Carnegie Learning

Evelyn has seventeen years of experience teaching and developing content for K-16 Spanish language curricula. She has taught both Spanish-speaking students and those learning Spanish as a second or third language in blended and traditional learning environments. Her true calling is revolutionizing language and culture content and methods so that teachers can deliver authentic, engaging, and ethical instruction. She holds a Doctorate in Spanish Language, Latin American, and Iberian Peninsular Cultural Studies and History from the University of Wisconsin Madison and a Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction. Evelyn has provided critical coverage of arts, politics, and culture as a correspondent for numerous news outlets and has provided content for ECS Learning System, the Texas Education Agency, and Amplify.