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Fast ForWord® is adaptive, evidence-based reading software proven to rapidly improve skills at every grade level. Learn more about how your struggling readers will achieve their full potential. 

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Rapid, Adaptive, and Built for the Brain

The Fast ForWord program helps struggling readers overcome their literacy challenges and develop a lasting love for reading and learning alike. Students at any level and in any location can advance 1-2 years by using Fast ForWord™ for just 40-60 hours. It tracks their progress, addresses challenges the moment they arise, supports motivation, and develops their minds, helping to create a foundation for lifelong success.

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Teachers tell me how thankful they are because Fast ForWord covers skills they can't cover in an English language arts classroom... It's fixing problems early, so by the time students take our state tests in the third grade, they've closed those gaps.
Bridget Guillot
Title 1 Liaison