Connecting the Sciences of Reading & Learning

Building Language, Literacy, and Cognition for All

How can you use the science of reading to make literacy equitable and accessible to all students?

In the next webinar of our Science of Learning series, you’ll learn what all literacy educators should know about supporting every student in developing and applying reading skills across the school day. Megan Jensen will present both research and actionable strategies you can apply to your classroom.

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Decades of research have clarified the key components of reading instruction. But how can we ensure that our instruction supports every student in developing and applying reading skills across the school day? Learning sciences research can help us respond to learner variability with strategies that support all students in becoming independent readers and learners.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • Recent advances in the science of reading and factors critical to reading outcomes

  • What the science of learning says about the processes that are foundational to how all humans learn

  • Practical instructional strategies to support the cognitive skills and processes that underlie reading and literacy learning


Meet the Presenter


Megan Jensen

Director of Instructional Design, Literacy (K-5), Carnegie Learning

Megan Jensen is a former reading specialist with experience developing K-12 writing instruction and blended professional development across the United States, as well as literacy and library programming abroad. Her work continues to uphold her belief that every student can learn and that there is transformative power in supporting students in reading and writing about their worlds. She holds a B.A. in English from UCLA and an M.A. in International and Comparative Education from Teachers College, Columbia University.


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