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+ MATHia

The Carnegie Learning Math Solution is a 6-12 core math program that combines two powerful instructional tools to help educators build student confidence.


About the Carnegie Learning Math Solution

Empower every student to be a math person.

MATHia is an intelligent tutoring system that provides real-time assessment data to teachers as students work on math content that adapts to their level of understanding.


MATHbook is a consumable text for students to create their own mathematical knowledge by collaborating, communicating, and problem-solving with their peers.

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A Math Solution Built by Educators Like You

Our team of expert former math educators is constantly improving our math solution based on feedback from teachers in the classroom today.

Here’s what we heard you wanted to see:

Lessons so engaging, every student builds confidence

Math that connects to the real world

Practice made better with personalized tutoring

Formative assessment that uncovers student learning

Why educators love MATHbook + MATHia

“Rock star teachers are being pushed to consider new ways to teach math, and new teachers are being supported by a curriculum that is almost instantly usable.”

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Carnegie Learning is committed to empowering teachers with the best instructional materials to build mathematical thinkers, because we believe math is more than problems in a textbook.

See how MATHbook + MATHia work together to bring the perfect math curriculum to your students.